I’m The Cause of The Labor Shortage

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The U.S. is currently going through a historical labor shortage, at least for the lesser-paying jobs. I challenge you to find any fast food place or retail store that doesn’t have a hiring sign. It’s not easy.

I’ve been “unemployed” since December, and that makes me feel like I’m part of the reason that we’re having this issue.

So, am I just a lazy person who wants everything in life handed to them? Do I just not want to work?

Why i haven’t gotten a job

I’m sick of working.

That might sound ridiculous when you realize it’s coming from a 20 year old who has only really been working for two years or so. It is, however, the truth for me.

I suppose I should at least be a little more specific.

I’m tired of working for managers who suck and companies who pay like I suck.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to get into business. I didn’t even really care what the company was, I just knew that I wanted to start it.

This has caused me to pick up a LOT of various skills. I’ve sold cars, I can edit video really well, I can do graphic design, I can write (I think), I can make websites and games, I’m pretty good at auto detailing, I’ve done social media marketing, the list goes on.

I always feel like I’m over-qualified and wasting my time with “normal jobs" because I have the know-how to start a whole company.

I was at an interview for Costco the other day. While speaking with the manager, I spoke very well and brought up a few of my skills in various fields. The manager seemed so fascinated, like I was the most interesting person he had ever met.

And in that interview, I just knew it wouldn’t work. Here I am telling this guy about the game development work I was doing, meanwhile I was applying to push carts in the parking lot? How could I do that to myself?

My biggest problem, though, is the old saying:

A jack of all trades is a master of none.

So, have I started a business?

I’ve tried to start many businesses. I’ve tried to do a ton of things in order to make a living for myself.

The reality, though, is that they’ve all fallen flat on their face. I can do so many things, but I’m not an expert in any of them, which means that none of them are the obvious choice for my career path.

I’ve been stuck for years in a vicious cycle.

I get an idea, try to start a business, second-guess myself, convince myself that I’m wasting my time and should be doing something more productive, then repeat the whole cycle over again.

Honestly, I’m so tired of it.

My life feels meaningless, all my childhood dreams seem more and more like fantasy every day.

Do I need to just bite the bullet and get some career that I hate, work for 40 years, and hope at the end I can enjoy life in my frail body?

The turning point

I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I’m beginning to turn things around for the better. I feel like I’m closer to my success than I’ve ever been.

My stories are picking up readers, my savings is finally growing again, I’m getting an apartment in the next couple of months, and my side business is getting closer and closer to fruition.

I do need to tell you, I’ve made sacrifices along the way.

I had to get a part-time job to pay the bills until my own ventures began to pay off.

I did have to learn patience and understand that things don’t happen overnight.

I sometimes had to put others' needs above my own.

Despite all of that, I’m making progress.

This is the takeaway

Life is a game of compromises. Very rarely will everything go how you want it to. In this game, life throws a lot of curveballs. Sometimes life seemingly breaks the rules of the game.

You just need to play strategically. You might have to give up some, but it’ll ultimately bring you closer to your goal.

Never stop trying. Every failure is a step closer to success. This is also a numbers game.

You will get there eventually. There may not even be a single line to cross to say you’ve “made it.”

You might just be standing in your home one day, look around, and think, “wow, I never thought I would get here.”


This story probably took you on a rollercoaster. It started with me talking about the U.S. labor shortage and ended with me giving you a motivational speech telling you to never give up.

That’s one of life’s curveballs.

This is what I have to keep reminding myself so that I don’t feel like I’m such a failure. Being unemployed for 8 months gives you a bad look, and it’s easy to feel like it’s worthless.

But I’m still working. I’m working so that one day I won’t ever have to work for a boss again.

I don’t want to ever go back to the world of bad bosses and terrible companies. I don’t care if there’s a labor shortage, I want to follow my dreams.



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